The Sick Tax: Obama Was for Mandates Before He was Against Them

I’m starting to get confused about what Obama is advocating in his health care plan

During today’s debate, Sen. Obama criticized Hillary’s health care plan that he says penalizes people who failed to purchase care:

John and yourself believe that if we do not mandate care, if we don’t force the government to get, if the government does not force taxpayers to buy health care, that we will penalize them in some fashion. I disagree with that because as I go around town hall meetings, I don’t meet people who are trying to avoid getting health care.

But only one week ago on Meet the Press, Sen. Obama suggested imposing a penalty on those who avoided purchasing health care:

My attitude is, we are going to make sure that we reduce costs for families who don’t have health care, but also people who do have healthcare and are desperately needing some price relief. And we are going to reduce costs by about $2500 per family. If it turns out that there are still people left over who are not purchasing healthcare, one way of avoiding them waiting till they get sick is to charge a penalty if they try to sign up later so that they have an incentive to sign up immediately.

This means under Obama’s plan, if you don’t sign up immediately and you happen to get sick you get penalized for being sick. It’s like a Sick Tax.

This is very problematic for multiple reasons. First, Obama overlooks the millions of poor people who currently qualify for health care coverage who don’t sign up because they’re not aware they qualify or who have a hard time supplying paperwork, taking time off of work,etc. His Sick Tax would afflict these poor sickly people during the time they need a hand up and not a shove down.

With a mandate, you can automatically enroll people and get people enrolled right away. Furthermore if people are compulsed to sign up immediately they can get preventive care which is most cost effective and best in preventing bad health


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