The New Hampshire debate : My thoughts

I’ll have my post debate analysis up later. Overall I think Clinton did well. She hit Obama on his past, and overlooked, inconsistencies in ways that should get some replay the next few days. But with her good moments came moments that I think might get exploited. But overall she was spot on. She finally showed some passion and stood her ground as Obama and Edwards teamed up on her. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any backlash for the boys picking on the girl. Ask Rick Lazio how that worked for him.

By the way, I liked John Edwards much better when he wasn’t desperately trying to hold Barack Obama’s handbag. When he jumped into defend Obama I lost most of my respect for him. It’s pretty sad when you resort to arguing against your own policy proposals just so you can personally attack another candidate. I thought you took this personally John? Apparently it’s only personal to the extent that you can use it to personally benefit. No wonder you became a trial lawyer. Here, let me provide a link to your donation page so my readers can help you buy another $400 haircut.

I think Barack Obama had a solid performance. They say when you’re on top, you need to come out clean in these debates. He more or less did that, thanks to Edwards. But his performance was largely forgettable. It lacked a youtube moment as they say. But overall solid debate. Not inspiring or anything. I loved the momemnt where Charlie Gibson pointed out that Obama’s stance on Pakistan is basically the Bush doctrine. That a’boy Bush bama. But while I tease Obama, like I said he did what needed to be done in order to get a passing grade.

Richardson was eh. He did have a good line after Obama and Edwards ganged up on Clinton when he said “I’ve been in hostage negotiations that were more civil than this.” He also had a good line when asked what moment he could have taken back he said he would have not stated that he supported a supreme court justice that was anti choice and anti civil rights. Very funny moment. He did a good job of providing comic relief. Won’t get him much in the polls though.


3 thoughts on “The New Hampshire debate : My thoughts

  1. Admittedly my attention was often diverted by the Jags-Steelers playoff game, but from what I saw here were my impressions:

    Edwards – spoke with passion. He came off as truthful in that he really wants to fight for the middle class. I do believe it’s personal to him. Like him, I am the first college graduate from a family that made big sacrifices to give me that chance. Maybe for that reason I buy into him.

    Obama – didn’t wow me. Smart. Good performance but nothing dramatic. Maybe he was looking just not to make mistakes.

    Clinton – She has to be glad that Obama and Edwards are dividing support among those that aren’t eager for a second Clinton Presidency. She’s in trouble. Money and organization alone don’t do it. People don’t connect to her like they did to her husband.

    Enjoyed your post.

  2. Edwards definitely hit a home run and got his excellent message out there. And he had to respond to Hillary, because Hillary called out Obama (as she should, but not in the best way) and she dragged Edwards in to her argument, so…..???? Then John made sure he set himself apart from all of them. He gave a passionate response and let everyone know he would be the best choice of those candidates to move us forward. And there was NO personal attack.

    Hillary definitely did better after the start. She built back her cred. She managed to show the Obama’s inconsistencies from what he says vs what he does. And showed how change is made ith people who care to do the work and have the experience.

    Obama just barely held on. He fumbled through almost everything and even managed to cut John Edwards off. I guess he thought Edwards was doing too good, too.

    Richardson…..if someone doesn’t tell Mr. Thumper to stop hitting the desk, he’s going to give us listeners a twitch and really be mad at him and we won’t let him play anymore.

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