The Word on The Ground: Hillary in NH

Word is already trickling on the buzz surrounding the Clinton campaign in NH. Todd Beeton, and Edwards support, says she’s doing great:

Hillary Clinton took the stage and I have to say, you’d never know she didn’t win last night. The word unflappable comes to mind. The event was half rally, half townhall meeting where she, after making the case for herself generally, addressed her solutions to issues from bringing the troops home, to healthcare to ending our dependence on foreign oil and seemed to have a full stump speech for each issue. It was actually very impressive.

Her message tweaking is already beginning.

The case for her candidacy that she’s making breaks down to two questions: 1. “Who will be the best president on day one?” and 2. “Who will best be able to withstand the Republican attack machine to get elected in the first place?” Nothing we haven’t heard before, but the framing felt different. There was MUCH more change rhetoric and a lot less experience rhetoric, but the subtext (and sometimes the text) of the entire event was very much about experience. As the chant said, it’s about being READY to lead and so she is asking New Hampshire, actually, challenging New Hampshire, to scrutinize the track records of both her and Barack Obama (yes, from her perspective, she has one obstacle to the nomination and one alone) to judge who’ll bring about change in the future by looking at the change they’ve brought in the past. In other words, if the Clinton camp has anything to say about it, we may be in for far more scrutiny of Obama’s record.


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