Mo’ Momentum Mo’ Problems

Barack Obama just made his first post Iowa mistake and I think it’ll be costly.

Obama is telling people if he wins NH he’ll be the next president of the United States. Uh oh!

“Change is coming to New Hampshire in four days time. If you gave me the same chance that Iowa gave me last night, I truly believe I will be the next president of the United States of America,” Obama told the crowd.

Boy that was foolish. Wanna know why? First it makes him take on the pseudo inevitability meme without any of the benefit the meme provides. He already had momentum from winning Iowa, all this proclaimation does is significantly raise his expectations.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, do you really think the media is going to want to end this colorful historic primary season after the second state votes? HELL NO. Are they really going to embrace a narrative that makes Super duper Tuesday irrelevant? No. Are they going to embrace a narrative that makes the drama of Florida and Michigan go away? No. Are they going to embrass a narrative which has cable network ratings going through the roof? Hell no. One of the reasons why Hillary stumbled is because people really started to believe the inevitability narrative the media created. People became disinterested in the race and began to tune out. Which is why the media jumped all jumped on Clinton at the very first opportunity they got.

The media is begging for a fight. Notice how every pundit during last night’s caucus coverage refused to call Clinton out for the count and said that they expected her to fight back and be competitive. Even Clinton hater Chris Matthews frequently points this out.

Obama might be able to turn on the union’s who’s support he sought, health care advocates, and social security recpients but ending the media’s play time before it really begins is the WRONG group to turn on. As the old adage says, never get into fights with people who buy ink by the barrel.


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