The hypocrisy of hope

The nerve of this guy. After calling out John Edwards on 527 groups Barack Obama has the nerve to say this:

Obama would not definitively answer if he would accept 527s in the general election, but said during the primary season he would tell them to stop.

Oh so 527’s are okay as long as they’re helping you. Geez. If these groups are so bad then why can’t you give us a straight NO answer and say you won’t use them in the general election?

What I hope to do is to get Republicans to come up with some sort of agreement in terms of how we are going to operate,” Obama said, “You know, I’m not going to endanger the Democratic party’s ability to win races by letting the other side outspend us by two or three million dollars.

The Politic of Hope strikes again. “Maybe if I ask nicely then Republicans will share their toys and be nice.” Where the FUCK has Barack Obama been the past 15 years? (Oh yeah the State Senate) Why would the GOP agree to not play the one card they have? (The vicious right wing smear machine) Seriously, I can’t believe this guy is running for president. I’ll support him if he wins, a bad Barack is better than a good Republican, but geez. How naive can you get?

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