Obama’s Folly: Why just showing up isn’t enough

I’ve been trying to lay off the Obama bashing lately because despite what it may seem like I think he’s an okay guy. Certainly on his worst day better than any of the Republican candidates on their best day. But its things like this that piss me off about Barack Obama, Obama politics and Obama supporters.

Among those, Mr. Obama did not vote yes or no on a bill that would allow certain victims of sexual crimes to petition judges to seal court records relating to their cases…

On the sex crime bill, Mr. Obama cast the lone present vote in a 58-to-0 vote.

Mr. Obama’s campaign said he believed that the bill violated the First Amendment. The bill passed 112-0-0 in the House and 58-0-1 in the Senate.

But of course this is just ONE of the many present votes Obama cast on important issues like children’s safety, abortion rights, and fair sentencing. (And these are just the times where Obama alone voted present of his own accord)

So what was Obama’s defense? :

WTF kind of answer is that? (HINT: It’s not a good one)

I’m a big fan of constitutional law so I can relate to Obama on some levels, though I don’t think the law was unconstitutional.

HOWEVER, this represents an intrinsic flaw with Obama the politician. Politics is a game. Not in a delegitmizing way, but in the cat and mouse, try to out manuever your opponents and “win” sort of way.

In order to win in a high stakes game like this you need boldness and vision. Most importantly, you need to realize YOUR ROLE in the game.

As a legislator, and more importantly an alleged “supporter”, of this bill Obama shouldn’t be highlight perceived weakness of his side.

If you think the bill is unconstitutional voice your concerns in private.If the changes you advised for aren’t made then SHUT UP AND VOTE FOR THE BILL. Unless there is some major negative side effect to voting for the bill then the advantages of passing a bill that MIGHT be unconstitutional outweigh the disadvantages of allowing the victims in need of the bill to suffer.

As a legislator you legislate. Let the court decide whats unconstitutional or not.
If the courts strike down the bill then you rewrite it better the next time.

This is just bad politicing by Obama. Don’t get me wrong. If your opponents are bringing up a bill you disagree with then by all means question the constitutionality of the bill. But you never shoot your own side in the foot. Futhermore, going on public record and using the senate floor to question the constitutionality of a bill you support risks undermining the entire bill. Obama could have very well given opponents of the bill the ammo they needed to kill the bill in the courts.

This would be like an engineer for the Empire going on public record saying “while I support the Death Star, I think that we should have fixed the lone structural weakness which if exploited will blow up the entire ship.”


In Public Relations there’s a saying. If you’re explaining you’re losing. If Obama can’t give even give a concise anwser WHY he just voted present for THIS particular bill then imagine how bad that will look in November whe the Republican Attack machine is in full force. If they can swift boat an actual war hero imagine what they’ll do to someone who won’t stand up for rape victims or children being sheltered from pornography.


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