Washington Post : “Your typical reporter has a thinly disguised preference that Barack Obama be the nominee”

I’m sure many people were skeptical of the entry I wrote about how biased the media can be. We’ll I guess this is where I tell you I told you so. Howard Kurtz, a reporter for the Washington Post, drops a bomb on biasness in the democratic primary coverage right now. Its a pretty damning piece. Definetely a MUST READ. Here are a few excerpts :

Clinton’s senior advisers have grown convinced that the media deck is stacked against them, that their candidate is drawing far harsher scrutiny than Barack Obama. And at least some journalists agree.

“She’s just held to a different standard in every respect,” says Mark Halperin, Time’s editor at large. “The press rooted for Obama to go negative, and when he did he was applauded. When she does it, it’s treated as this huge violation of propriety.” While Clinton’s mistakes deserve full coverage, Halperin says, “the press’s flaws — wild swings, accentuating the negative — are magnified 50 times when it comes to her. It’s not a level playing field.”

Apparently every presidential campaign believes Obama is getting preferental media coverage:

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman says Obama’s coverage is the buzz of the presidential campaign. “While they don’t say so publicly because it’s risky to complain, a lot of operatives from other campaigns say he’s getting a free ride, that people aren’t tough enough on Obama,” Fineman says. “There may be something to that. He’s the new guy, an interesting guy, a pathbreaker and trendsetter perhaps.”

And here’s the money shot

Some reporters confess that they are enjoying Clinton’s slippage, if only because it enlivens what had become a predictable narrative of her cruising to victory. The prospect of a newcomer knocking off a former first lady is one heck of a story.

Halperin, who surveys political news at Time.com’s the Page, says: “Your typical reporter has a thinly disguised preference that Barack Obama be the nominee. The narrative of him beating her is better than her beating him, in part because she’s a Clinton and in part because he’s a young African American. . . . There’s no one rooting for her to come back.”

This is highly disturbing. It’s pretty amazing how private agenda’s of the media can warp the way they report the news. Thankfully, it seems Clinton is expanding her lead in New Hampshire and Nationally without the help of biased reporters. But seriously, GO READ THIS ARTICLE. Regardless of who you support for the presidential nomination, it’s an interesting piece on the plitics of reporting.


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