Obama’s plant problem

As you recall, when the Clinton campaign was caught planting a question, many people were up in arms about how untruthful it was, and how she was hiding from the American people. You may also recall that I noted that planting questions was something every campaign does, and that its not really a big deal. I think its good that campaigns are eager to talk about certain parts of their platform. So I guess it’s only appropriate that I applaud Barack Obama on his eagerness to get his message across by planting a question, even though he criticized Clinton over the fact.

Eighteen-year-old student Jim Mohler was called on by Obama during the question and answer section of a town hall in Estherville, Iowa, and asked, “Right now, as I understand it, the tax limit is $97,000 which means like the most anyone can pay on taxes is what they would pay on $97,000, but yet we have people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates that are making billions upon billions of dollars and are still paying taxes on $97,000 is anyway we can make them pay taxes on what they’re making?”

Obama thoroughly answered Mohler, then commented, “Good question,” before moving on to another.

The question was very similar to an anecdote which Obama regularly recites on the campaign trail.

At a town hall in Independence, Iowa, on Sunday, just one day prior to Mohler’s question, Obama told the crowd, “Everyone who make $97,000 a year or less, you are paying payroll tax on 100% of your income, now my friend, Warren Buffet, he made $46 million last year, he had an off year,” before elaborating on how he intends to lift the cap on Social Security.

Concidence? Umm, no…

Mohler had asked the question from the press pit in the back of the room, and an Obama campaign press pass hung on his neck. But Mohler also donned an Obama sticker on the lapel of his jacket.

After pressing, Mohler said he was actually an Obama supporter and volunteer, and had volunteered that night for the campaign.

“I was helping out here earlier at about 4:15pm. I showed up and I was setting up chairs and asked to help press people like you guys coming in.”

Where are the Obama supporters who bashed Clinton about this now? I bet they own up to the fact, or even show up…


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