Experience: Bill v Obama; Hillary v Obama


Bill Clinton

One Term Attorney General of Arkansas

Two Terms as Governor of Arkansas (1o years )

Barack Obama

State Senator in Illinois legislature from 1997-2004 (7 years)

US Senator 2005-2007 (three years, one of which he’s spent running for President)

As you can see the argument that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had the same amount of experience is laughable on numerous levels.Obama supporters look to the number of years served, 12 for Clinton versus 9 for Obama, and argue that they had similar experience. Thats crap. For starters Bill Clinton served as Governor, the head of the executive for nearly a decade. In other words, he ran the state of Arkansas for nearly a decade. As governor Bill Clinton made tough decisions about the budget, taxes, the school system of Arkansas, the economy, and job creation, all requirements analogous to the role of the president. In fact, as had of the executive the governor is effectively “the president of the state”.

While Bill Clinton spent a decade running the state, Barack Obama spent seven years voting “present” rather than taking stands on important issues. Aside from that, a State senator is responsible for voting for bills, not running a state.

Barack Obama’s inexperience seems even more dwarfing when compared to Bill Clinton’s.

But this race isn’t about Bill Clinton versus Barack Obama. There wouldn’t even be a race if it was. This primary is about Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. And yet, Hillary Clinton’s experience advantage over Obama is in many ways even more epic than Bill vs Obama. A point that I’ve made before. (If you want a specific list of Hillary’s accomplishments click on the link.)

The fact of the matter is, that unlike many first wives, Hillary took a very active role in her husbands administrations for during his term as governor and President. You can complain all you want but this is a fact. So like any other Clinton official who worked in the Clinton administration, Hillary can cite her experiences as qualifications, though obviously Hillary has more experience and on a higher level.

But back to Clinton versus Obama. Aside from the vast chasm between the years of experience Clinton, the well tested advocate of change, has versus Obama, the novice symbol of change, the specific type of experience Obama is lacking is important. With the era of cowboy diplomacy coming to an end, we need a world leader who has experience to deal with repairing our ties with the international community, while at the same time carefully navigating through the mine field of rogue states, political enemies and terrorists. Now is not the time you should elect someone who will need on the job training. Now is the time you elect someone who’s talked the talk and walked the walk.

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