What Ever Happend To The Politics of Hope?: Barack Obama Offically First Democrat To Go Negative

“I’m sorry”

We need to have a president who got it right the first time? Boy I wonder who’s responsible for this ad? * cough * BARACKOBAMA * cough * At the very least this is another attack ad by an Obama supporter. I find it funny that the politics of Hope relies on the smear tactics of yesterday. And while Obama is against negative attacks, allegedly, his supporters are so eager to attack fellow democrats. I think this tells us what Barack Obama and his supporters really stand for. An unfortunate turn of events.

And here’s another. This one is offically from the Obama campaign. :

I wonder why Obama refuses to talk about the issues? Could it be that he’s by far the inferior candidate as compared to both Clinton and Edwards? Could it be that he doesn’t want people to know that he doesn’t support Universal Health Care? That he supports 15 million Americans without health insurance? That the politics of Hope only apply to Obama’s hope to be president? Or maybe he wants us to forget that he has practically no experience and would be fodder for Republicans in November? Sad day indeed.


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