Where’s your Judgement now?

Since people love to claim that Obama has such superior judgement because he had “such great foresight” on Iraq, I found this side by side comparison of Clinton and Obama’s votes on Iraq to be very interesting. What’s the verdict?

Of the total of 69 votes we compiled — some significant, some not — it turns out that the two differed on only one. You’ll see that one in bold on our chart.

As you can see, Clinton and Obama have voted the opposite way on only one vote on our list: The confirmation of General George Casey to be Chief of Staff for the Army, held just this past February. Hillary voted against confirmation, while Obama voted to confirm.

Just goes to show you that while some people can spin all they want, Obama and Clinton aren’t all that different on Iraq. It’s foolish for people to vote for a person based on one past vote.


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