Calm Before the Storm…GO SPEED RACER GO!!!!!

So dead week is dead. I killed it before it could kill me. After writing several papers, finishing my research methods paper (FUCK 591), and cutting through a week’s worth of drama like the pimp ninja I am, I finally have some down time. Now I could go to a party or go bar hopping but I’m not a loser who has to get drunk so that others can tolerate me. So instead I think I’ll do something fun. Dick around while watching House. (Oh yes!)

In my pursuit of random acts of violence I may or may not post a lot of entries. I’m on the search for interesting stuff so be forewarned. But of course…I promise not to post any pointless crap. At least not any more pointless than I normally post. * halo *

My first offering…

The new HD Speed Racer trailer

You seriously need to see this. I’m not really a speed racer fan, but it even got me excited. The graphics are amazing

EDIT: (For Clarity) I’ve already gotten some questions about this. The drunk loser comment is about no one person and yet one person specifically. Everyone and no one. But if you think the drunk loser comment is about you it probably is. You should probably assume so. Better safe than sorry 😉

EDIT TWO: (To add more exclamation marks) Recent polling says that exclaiming is good!


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