How to bust open a can of Whoop Ass policy style

Ezra Klein went off on Kit Seelye, the author of the bullshit health care article on Clinton. Here’s a sample:

Probably because she’s never read the policy and doesn’t know how it works. She is, after all, a campaign reporter, not a policy expert of any type. But as an educated person, working with editors and fact checkers, somebody should have noticed that this would be like me comparing car crashes to bed wetting simply because both are called “accidents.”

If I’d read her article on a blog, I’d assume the author a fool and never read it again. Instead, this is in The New York Times.

It’s also worth a read if you want to know even more about why that NYT piece was bullshit.

Quick summary…you shouldn’ t :

A) go to conservative think tank when asking about health care plans (AEI)
B) You shouldn’t go to a non health care expert at the conservative think tank


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