Man Marries dog…honeymoon soon to follow!

Man marries dog

A superstitious man in India married a dog earlier this month in attempt to lift a curse from his life.

Fifteen years ago, he stoned two dogs to death. While a dog’s wrongful death in the area where I live could result in a hefty fine/lawsuit/really bad attention, dogs in India apparently have the ability to put curses on people. After having committed his crimes against the animals, he lost hearing in one ear and also became paralyzed somehow.

In order to lift this curse which has plagued him ever since, he accepted a local dog’s paw in marriage, hoping this act of…love…would atone for his sins.

In case people don’t get it, this is more of a superstition ritual. He’s doesn’t have any sexual interest in the dog. Though this is a rather funny way to get rid of bad luck. Though I guess I have no room to complain. I’ve dated worse.


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