WordPress is spreading…

First Natalie

Then Mark

Now Megan

If you want to see pretty pictures of Europe and hear about her adventures I’d recommend checking Megan’s blog out. It’s actually pretty interesting. Here’s an excerpt of her latest entry:

I think the best thing about the trip, though, was the food. Umberto, Nike’s Mom’s boyfriend is totally Italian, and insisted on having us eat all the damn time…which was totally fantastic- homemade lasagna, wild boar salami, panna cotta, risotto, etc. He even served us this homemade lemon liquor that he’d been working on for a few weeks. We also went to this restaurant in Umberto’s Family’s village and had a meal totally out of mushrooms. We had fried mushrooms, mushroom bruschetta, mushrooms on fried polenta, a mushroom pancake, mushroom pasta, and they even made mushroom gelato.

That’s it. I’m convinced. I need to marry an Italian girl.

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