Phil Allen vs The Logic Professor: The prequel

As many of you know, me and my logic professor have had some interesting run in’s this year. As I said before, I actually like my logic professor we’re just both giant smartasses. But anyways, while you might have read our global warming argument, what you probably don’t know is the conversation we had earlier in the year:

So i’m walking to class one morning and being the lazy bastard that I am, I say fuck it, take the elevator. So I get in the elevator and right as the door is about to close Professor Stephens walks into the elevator.

Me: So that was a lot of homework last night.

Prof: The only way you can be a good logician is by doing lots of logic problems!

Me: But, I don’t want to be a good logician, I just want to fufill my logic requirement for the philosophy major.

Prof: What?! Every good philosopher uses the rules of logic in their writing!

Me: No they don’t. It doesn’t take logic to make shit up.

Prof: What philosopher doesn’t use logic!

Me: Aristotle


Me: Which makes it amazing that he never felt the need to employ it in his arguments.

Prof: Ugh


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