AIM Etiquette…if you don’t have it you should get it

Jon and I talk about how many people lack “AIM etiquette” all the time. I started writing an entry about it before but I decided not to finish it.

First of all. An IM conversation is meant to be a frequent exchange of responses between two people. Its not meant to be you waiting 10 mintues before you type “ok”. Thats why It’s called INSTANT messaging. If I wanted to wait forever between responses then I wouldn’t IM you I’d just send you an email. If people are busy or can’t talk at the moment thats perfectly understandable. But thats when the little light in your head should go off and you should think “I should tell people I’m busy. I can’t talk right now.” Or better yet, put up an away message.

Second, don’t IM me and then say either of the following: “So what do you want to talk about”, “I’m bored, entertain me.”

Just because you’re bored and I’m a badass doesn’t mean you can leech off of me. If you don’t pay me for entertainment don’t expect me to entertain you while you sit back and watch. On the other hand, if you’re willing to pay me to entertain you backchannel me and we can negotiate a price.

Third, don’t just get up and leave/sign off in the middle of a conversation. It’s rude. duh I hope that I don’t need to explain why thats a bad thing.

Fourth, … LOL IS NOT A RESPONSE. If thats the best you have to say in response then we shouldn’t talk.

Just because you are socially inept in person and prefer to use IM to communicate does not mean that its alright to be socially inept online too.

PS Before anyone asks, if you’re asking if this post is about you chances are that it is. But sadly, this post isn’t about one person.


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