The Race card…never leave home without it!

This conversation is especially funny since a few mintues before she was telling me how much she HATES blogs.


Hannah: its hard for you to lease something to me especially when i OWN you
Phillip : please
Phillip : you wish
Phillip : you couldnt afford me
Hannah: fair enough.
Phillip : besides…the time when people from the south could own people like me ended a long time ago
Phillip : šŸ˜‰
Hannah : oh wow…
Hannah : holy crap.
Hannah : you pulled that card..i hate you..
Phillip: its like American express…I never leave home without it
Hannah : damn you.
Hannah : i’m a flippin civil war historian and i didn’t see that coming.
Phillip : and to add insult to injury im going to paste this convo into a blog entry
Hannah: crap.


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