Just smilin’ wit it: 1:04 to 2:53


There are three main factors which influence the lens I use to view life. Politics, debate, and sports. Most people won’t understand why I’m posting this video, but I think it says a lot about the way I see life. The world is a jungle full of animals. People talk. They’ll say what they want, but you can’t let that affect you. You need to play you’re own game. Don’t focus on anything but scoring touchdowns so you can win. Some people are bound to complain about the way you play your game. Say things about you because you say you’re going to score, then you score, and then look at them and say I told you so. Let’em talk. While people talk, I’ll move the chains. Don’t blindly follow altruistic claims of what is right. Play your own game. To win. And remember, only the winners get to write history

NOTE: Watch the whole video. But the moneyshot takes place from 1:04 to 2:53.

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