Weekend in Review

As I’m sure most of you can tell; it’s been a slow blogging week. Rest assure, I’m still committed to updating regularly it was just a long and busy debate tournament. But in order to get everyone up to date let me give you a round of my weekend.

First, I am very sad

After a lot of thought I figured I should try to normalize relations with Nat. After all she was kind of bummed out about not breaking any of her events. And most importantly she seemed like she has changed…Yeah that was a waste of time. Her penchant for both missing the point and dropping the ball is amazing. Talk is cheap. If you want results then you need to put in the effort. As I’ve seen many times over, this is a concept beyond her understanding.

On a more positive note, I talked to my female equivalent, BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA today. Here are a few gems from our conversation:

10:34:09 AM BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: when i was like 5, my dad gave me a rock and told me it was an oreo.
10:34:18 AM BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: we had to go to the dentist a few minutes later.

But not to be out done by

10:34:22 AM Phillip Allen: hahaha
10:34:29 AM Phillip Allen: i love your dad
10:36:13 AM BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: i do too. hes sneaky. i also remember him finding his friend’s car somewhere at the lake when i was little and telling me to look away while he did something. i was little so of course i looked and i will forever have the image of a huge penis drawn in oreo on the windsheild of his friends car. my dad has a thing for oreos. and being an ass. i love it.

Yes, my conversations are funny. You wish you were apart of them.

Also, I’m supposed to say this:

“BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA is awesome. BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA is gooey. Gooey is a good quality. Someone should make her latkes.

Line of the week…from an ADS in finals : “now decapitating someone is like getting to third base…literally…you get head”


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