Life Lessons Vol II: You can’t make people interesting…even if they used to be

I hate lazy people who need to be carried in a conversation. One of the most irratating aspects of a friendship or relationship is when the other person suddenly becomes uninteresting. They start to talk about the same things over and over again, with no new insight or depth, they lose their ability to advance the conversation or worst of all they just give up altogether. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting people to knock my socks off in every conversation, nor do I expect every word that comes out of a persons mouth to be interesting. But if you say “I’m not feeling talkative” or “I don’t have anything to say” 95% of the time we interact then why are we going out/why are we friends? More importantly, why are you okay with this lack of talking?

I don’t think my friends or my girlfriend have an obligation to entertain me but if we’ve been in the car or sitting on the couch for 3 hours and you’ve said three words despite my constant attempts to jump start a conversation there’s something wrong.


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