Extreme Hangman

Brought to you via Megan (BiAtch)

Save me 😦

This is what we call a classic game brought into the 21st century. Violence and hangman, what more could you want?


R.I.P TV-Links

So I thought about posting alternatives to TV Links now that its dead, god damn federal govt, *shakes fist*.

But I didn’t know if that was legal or not. So I didn’t. HOWEVER, this site has decided to post the links, so I don’t feel, or think I’m legally responsible, based on my research. Still I must caution that you don’t do anything to break the law.

Random IM conversations

TheRoss2005: My dad’s girlfriend is fucking retarded
Extraneousfreak: How so?
TheRoss2005: She thought I could download an X-box

Phil: yup
Phil: isn’t that sad?
Phil: like…especially as a guy
BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: uh, yeah. you sammich virgin
Phil: i am
Phil: i still have my v-card
Phil: sv card*
BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: i’ll pop your sammich cherry and it will be a gooey bloody good time
Phil: haha
Phil: you’ll be my first
Phil: i have to admit
Phil: im kind of nervous
BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: i’ll make you comfortable
Phil: will it hurt?
BUTTERSCOTCHFLAVOREDVAGINA: no, baby, of course not. well, ok, maybe for a second. that mustard can get in all the wrong places. but after that, it will feel good.

I was an angry High Schooler

Here’s another old post from this time from my Xanga that I had while I was in high school. This was of course, before I realized Xanga was for losers and Asian kids.

Who cares if you’re sorry?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well I sure as fuck don’t. This is what pisses me off about people. The idea that saying sorry makes everything all better has suddenly become the new “it” thing to do. I was a bitch last night, I’m sorry. I didn’t call you back for the 20th time, I’m sorry. I’m an inconsiderate person who thinks of no one but themselves but none of this matters because I just apologized. Sorry is an empty word. Apologizing for an improper act doesn’t make the act right. It doesn’t stop it from happening again. Sorry doesn’t take away hurt feelings and the fact that you’re a bitch. If that’s the case then I’m sorry I punched you in the face, ran over your dog and banged your wife on tape and sent it to your mom. Don’t be sorry be different

I think there’s still a lot of significance to this post, hence why I posted it. Read…and Learn

Risky Business pt 1

No cross country guy. No crazy ex-girlfriend. No dog. I have the house all to myself this weekend, and I have to say, I’m loving it already.

So I decided to stay in Friday and catch up on some valuable TV time. For some of you that might sound weird, but considering how much I love TV and how little I’ve watched it was a great night. One of the most enjoyable weekends I’ve had in quite sometime. I think that says something about my friends in Omaha.

I watched The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp last night. I thought it was a really good movie. Not, damn it knocked my socks off good, but it was a good suspense movie about the occult. The thing I love about the movie is the mood it creates. Its not really scary, nor does it leave you on the edge of your seat, but it create a palpable atmosphere of tension with a plot that draws you in and makes you genuinely interested. More importantly, its a movie with philosophical and cinematic underlying themes which makes you think even after the movie has ended. I love movie’s that allow for multiple interpretations. Its like, when you have to interpret the meaning yourself, you become part of the world the movie creates.

Speaking of interpreting a movie, I watched American Beauty last night. Such a great movie…But I think I’m going to write about that in a separate entry.

I think the “lesson” that I took away from last night was, that its nice to be around things with depth, even if they are just movies.